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1) special craft of the cloth head material can be very good absorption of hair and other fine garbage
2) Small size as well as a reasonable design that allows it to clean the furniture at the bottom as well as corner hygiene
3) it can work on hard floors, tiles, marble and other flooring above (can not be used in carpet
4) two modes of work, you can choose their own (20 minutes or 40 minutes, to the time can automatically power off
5) charge indicator, when the battery is low, it will light red, otherwise the green light
6) Mop can be cleaned repeatedly

Packaging Information
Color box size: length 250 * width 85 * high 240MM
Quantity / Box 10 / box
Carton Size: Length 470 * Width 535 * High 265MM
Single gross weight 0.8KG
Single net weight 1.0KG

Transportation information:

United States:General 10 - 15 days can be reach.

Other countries:General 15 - 25 days to reach.

If you need to the fast ship, need additional transportation costs 30 dollars,General 5-7 days to reach.

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